Being stylish is not about routine but variation

May 27, 2014

It is routine to wear the same types of clothes everyday. For example, a lot of men wear the same black suit and brown shoes daily for work.

Such can be considered boring as it colors that solid give no life to the outfit. These men may argue that since they are required to dress within certain standards, they are unable to bring fun looks to the table.

However, there is another way to counterbalance the such and thereby bring the word “style” back to your senses. Think about small details, not big, and you will find a good alternative that can make a big difference in your appearance.

A very good one is the different ways to tie a necktie, there are many ways to do it, do not be limited as it can go as far as your imagination takes you. For instance, a guy called Elliot Truelove invented an awesome necktie knot which we know as “the Elliot Truelove knot.”

Such knot adds sophistication to any man’s looks  and enhances the shirt that one wears. Other types of tie knots are the eldredge knot, the trinity knot, and the classic four in hand knot which everyone knows.

I have known the four-in-hand one since I was a school boy, this one is as easy as pie. In fact, it is so easy you could even tie it eyes closed, and I am not exaggerating.



Tie knots that inspired me to create my own

May 5, 2014


Now here are three knots that Brad Pitt used at least twice in his lifetime. Personally, I am not a big fan of these knots as I do not think they are any elegance or exotic as the trinity knot. For what is more, they are not as symmetric as let’s say the truelove knot. However, they are still popular cause a movie star has used them. At least that is what my friend told me.

I believe the Four-in-Hand and the Half-Windsor go well with narrow collared shirts, and the Full-Windsor with wide collared shirts.

Although, I am not a big fan of these knots, I have to say I had used the Half-Windsor one back in high school which by the way did not get me any compliments.

Since then I have been looking for many other different necktie knots and I found myself with a wide variety of options. I even created one that I called the pearl board knot which is not that famous.

I owe it all to Brad Pitt who inspired me to look for other alternatives despite the knots I was told he used have never been my favorite ones.

Enhance your existing attire using a new group of custom dress shirts

December 8, 2013

By getting only custom dress shirts for men, men possess the chance to show their worry for detail, regardless of the material utilised within the manufacturing procedure. When you desire to mask the unwanted fat out of your waist or highlight a perfect physique situation, this item will absolutely come in handy. There is a particular number of shirts that every elegant man ought to possess in his wardrobe, every created out of a various color, structure and style. Possessing various diverse dress shirts can help you to get a brand new image, even if you put on the identical suit. You’ll find many different distinct sources from exactly where it is possible to obtain a custom dress shirt, as well as the world wide web is just among them.

Tailored shirts

Going to the workshop of a certain designer is practically the first issue that you simply need to do if you need to obtain custom dress shirts. There are various elements that need to be clarified prior to the made can start working on your dress shirts: like your body`s measurements, height and weight, what type of collar to use inside the manufacturing process, the cuff sort and any extra aspects that may well influence the final outcome of his work.


Not all men comprehend and appreciate the elegance that can be obtained by wearing custom made garments. In an effort to get an idea about what it really is all about, you’ll be able to start off having a basic custom dress shirt. The process of generating great custom dress shirts consists on three main aspects: setup, testing and execution. Nevertheless, without having clarifying all the required aspects that surround this procedure, customers might be disappointed once they obtain their things. Be sure you talk together with your designer and offer him each of the details that he must know each and every time you wish to buy a custom dress shirt.


Anytime you wear a shirt which was specially created to fir your body, you’ll feel considerably far better and much more comfy in comparison to what you experience when testing out a usual ready to put on shirt from your neighborhood shop. You will need to take time and analyze all feasible choices when you desire to buy new garments. In this hectic society, folks don’t have much time to strategy their buying sessions, so they finish up acquiring products that do not satisfy their demands entirely. A lot of folks steer clear of acquiring custom dress shirts because the delivery time is greater compared to the immediate transactions.


This could be right, but persistence could bring with it numerous positive aspects. To begin with, should you be a man that cares for details, you understand how important it really is to possess a shirt that can fit your body completely. You’ll be capable of obtain the model that you simply have imagined, with no worrying in regards to the thickness of the cuff or the size of the sleeves. It is possible to also select the fabric that you just like very best. In order to acquire the best custom dress shirts, you might need to have a look at your existing wardrobe and offer some examples for your developer.

The way to buy the very best custom dress shirts for your fresh wardrobe

December 4, 2013

Created out of cotton, poplin, twill or linen, the custom dress shirts are virtually symbolic of men`s concern for fine detail. It truly is the critical garment that can assist us to hide imperfections or to highlight a staunch midsection or perhaps an impacting bust. Considering the colour, texture and model, an sophisticated man should possess among 80 and 100 dress shirts in his wardrobe. You can claim that if you have ten distinct shirts and only one suit within your wardrobe, it really is like having ten distinct suits. For this reason, you have to do a little investigation on the net and order your 1st custom dress shirt.

Men's shirts

The initial step that the developer would take as a way to begin creating your custom dress shirts consists on getting a meeting at the workshop. After you meet using the designer, he will go through the rest of the actions within a really enjoyable environment: taking measures, establishing the body type (classic or slim fit), establishing the kind of collar that you just wish to use (classic, Italian, cufflinks and so on) and the cuff type (straightforward, closing to 1-2 buttons, round, straight, double and so forth), as well as other details that could be essential to you and may allow the developer to make the custom dress shirt which you imagine.



Wearing a custom dress can be a exercise that has to be appropriately understood and taught. As a result, a custom dress shirt might be a fantastic introduction within this specific category of clothing. Accurate custom dress shirts need time for setup, testing and execution. As well usually clients are rushing into a certain store and order a custom dress shirt without taking count of good quality, measurements and all the connected features. Anytime you choose to purchase such an item, you need to reserve at the least a single hour in an effort to total each of the necessary steps proposed by the designer.


You’ll discover many variations between wearing a custom dress shirt as well as a ‘ready to wear’ shirt, given that you will feel better and more comfortable in each of the clothing that were developed in your measurements. Even ordering your clothes is definitely an act that ought to be taught. We reside in a world practically exclusively modeled on the principle of common garments and an quick transaction. The act of receiving a good garment after a number of weeks of waiting calls for a dose of patience totally different from what you anticipate whenever you go to a typical shop.


Nonetheless, the benefits are clear. Every single detail of the custom dress shirts will likely be completed in line with your wishes, from the material employed in the manufacturing approach towards the thickness in the cuff. A shirt produced precisely following your measurements will match you flawless and much more than that, it’s going to appear exactly like it was meant. In relation to picking the best fabric, the diversity in samples should not scare you. Consider what you like concerning the shirts that you already have within your wardrobe and what you would like from those that you simply will order inside the near future.

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December 1, 2013

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