Three Secrets of Dressing Well

November 6, 2014

Every rookie struggles when he decides to create a personal style. It seems beautifully easy at the very beginning but after a little while reality takes its natural place and the feeling of desperation comes. What shell i dress? how can i combine colors? What kind of shoes fit this green jacket? All new fashion addicts ask themselves these questions so i have decided to post this small tips to help them overwhelm their struggles.

1. Dressing up and dressing well are two different things.

Unfortunately a lot of guys still have this believe that dressing well is automatically done by wearing elegant dress clothes. It is a main mistake of all freshmen. Dressing well can be tricky to achieve. The main advice i can give here is trying. You have to try all possible combinations of shirts and pans, shoes and so on. Find your unique look and you will stand out whatever event you are going to. Be careful with colors.

2. The simpler your clothes are better it looks. Avoid colors.

Don’t try to impress people by wearing green shoes and red jeans. Choose simple colors and you will make life easier for everybody. It will also bring you closer to the point of creating your personal style.

3. “Dress to impress” never really worked. Gentlemen choose “dress to express”.

There is no reason to jump out of your pans trying to impress people. Your outfit has to reveal your personal world perception.


Following this tips will help you to avoid plenty of awkward situation and  make you understand basics of style. Check out more on our favorite fashion magazine.

Being stylish is not about routine but variation

May 27, 2014

It is routine to wear the same types of clothes everyday. For example, a lot of men wear the same black suit and brown shoes daily for work.

Such can be considered boring as it colors that solid give no life to the outfit. These men may argue that since they are required to dress within certain standards, they are unable to bring fun looks to the table.

However, there is another way to counterbalance the such and thereby bring the word “style” back to your senses. Think about small details, not big, and you will find a good alternative that can make a big difference in your appearance.

A very good one is the different ways to tie a necktie, there are many ways to do it, do not be limited as it can go as far as your imagination takes you. For instance, a guy called Elliot Truelove invented an awesome necktie knot which we know as “the Elliot Truelove knot.”

Such knot adds sophistication to any man’s looks  and enhances the shirt that one wears. Other types of tie knots are the eldredge knot, the trinity knot, and the classic four in hand knot which everyone knows.

I have known the four-in-hand one since I was a school boy, this one is as easy as pie. In fact, it is so easy you could even tie it eyes closed, and I am not exaggerating.



Tie knots that inspired me to create my own

May 5, 2014


Now here are three knots that Brad Pitt used at least twice in his lifetime. Personally, I am not a big fan of these knots as I do not think they are any elegance or exotic as the trinity knot. For what is more, they are not as symmetric as let’s say the truelove knot. However, they are still popular cause a movie star has used them. At least that is what my friend told me.

I believe the Four-in-Hand and the Half-Windsor go well with narrow collared shirts, and the Full-Windsor with wide collared shirts.

Although, I am not a big fan of these knots, I have to say I had used the Half-Windsor one back in high school which by the way did not get me any compliments.

Since then I have been looking for many other different necktie knots and I found myself with a wide variety of options. I even created one that I called the pearl board knot which is not that famous.

I owe it all to Brad Pitt who inspired me to look for other alternatives despite the knots I was told he used have never been my favorite ones.